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QuinCelli is a cello quintet…


Since the list of composers for a string quintet is fairly limited, we play anything beautiful that music can offer.

The first concert was held in the Pažaislis Music Festival back in 2002.

In 2005, the ensemble underwent changes in its composition and repertoire. The current repertoire includes A.Vivaldi, J. S. Bach, S. Joplin, N. Rota, Villa-Lobos, A. Piazzolla; jazz compositions, polkas and waltzes, etc.

The ensemble consists of musicians from the National Symphony Orchestra and different Lithuanian chamber orchestras.


Fascinated by the queen cello and its velvet timbre, we have been in constant pursuit of different forms of expression, colour and purity of sound.


We are eager to share our feelings and discoveries with you, hoping that you enjoy listening to us as much as we enjoy playing to you.

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