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It is a pleasure to welcome you on the website of INTERMEZZO, an ensemble of an unconventional composition and repertoire.


Our quintet is made up of two violins, a viola, and two cellos. It is a small chamber orchestra. The ensemble of such composition has a wider range and a possibility to play music of greater genre diversity. 


Our repertoire is made up of the original quintet compositions by various composers. Our own arrangements of music of various styles, from baroque to rock, form the major part of the repertoire.


The quintet musicians are artists playing in the Lithuanian national philharmony, who want and are able to play diverse music.


The ensemble, which was formed in 1993, has given more than 950 concerts (Pažaislis, Palanga, Neringa, Lithuanian Road of Baroque Festivals, Kaunas and Klaipėda Jazz Festivals, etc.).


The ensemble gives concerts with the most famous Lithuanian vocalists: G. Kaukaitė, R. Maciūtė, G. Skerytė, V. Noreika, J. Leitaitė, V. Juozapaitis, I. Linaburgytė, jazz musicians P. Vyšniauskas, S. Šiaučiulis, composer A. Kulikauskas, and others.


The ensemble has released CD and audio tapes Night Music, …How High the Moon…, An die Musik, Muzikinis miškas (Musical Forest), Christmas Present, and Naked.


We have educational programmes for children and youth: Kalevala, Pepė, Šokio muzikos raida (Development of Dance Music), and Muzikinis miškas (Musical Forest), Franck Zappa music concert, programme "...Iš tylos..." ("...From Silent...") with Swiss soloist Bruno Bieri, educational programmes with young Lithuanian musicians, jazz composition of "Pictures of Exhibitions" by Modest Musorgsky.


We participate in television programmes Vizijos ir tikrovė (Visions and Reality), Adagio, broadcasting series Muzikos istorijos (Musical Stories), Muzikinis viešbutis (Music Hotel), and telefilm Kūrybos metas (Creation Time).


All musicians in the ensemble have classical musical education; they seek new forms and colours while playing in the ensemble of this composition and manage to find subtle sound ranging from baroque to ragtime, tango and jazz improvisations.

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